What is Forest Playschool?

The Forest Playschool is a place for children to learn and grow outside, helping to deeply connect them to the natural world.

Long, relaxed periods of outdoor free play are beneficial to the physical, social, and emotional development of young children.  The Forest Playschool is committed to providing a protected place and time for children to dig, climb, build, invent, pretend, and explore.  Every day, kids flow between work projects--like cutting vegetables for soup, sowing prairie grass seeds, planting daffodil bulbs, or sawing firewood--and the fascinating play opportunities provided by the forest setting. Weather events, animal sightings, plant biology, and other forest experiences are the heart of our curriculum. 

Our school is located entirely outside, with a bathroom nearby, and access to the Peterson Park Fieldhouse in the event of a weather emergency. While we do occasionally cancel school for very cold or inclement weather, we believe that giving children access to the outdoors in all types of weather helps them learn to be flexible in the face of a changing environment. Children learn the beauty of life cycles and climate patterns by experiencing the weather and seasons change day over day. 

Here’s how we spend A Day in the Woods.