FAQs about the Forest Playschool Waitlist

Think the Forest Playschool might be perfect for your family? If you'd like to see the school, join us for a tour or open house. But if you think you're ready to sign up, please first read these FAQs. Then, you can begin the enrollment process using the link below.

Can I just enroll my child? Why do I have to sign up for the waitlist first?

We ask that prospective families join the waitlist because when we open enrollment for the next school year, we offer slots first to current FPS families. Once we have given existing families a chance to register for the next school year, we open up enrollment to new families on the waitlist in the order in which they signed up. 

What is required to join the waitlist?

Please fill out the form below, which will ask for your and your child's information and a $75 application fee. When you have completed the application, you will receive a confirmation email within two business days.

What happens when my name comes up on the waitlist?

Our waitlist is primarily for families interested in joining us for the next school year or next summer. As described above, after we open enrollment to current FPS families, we will open enrollment to families on the waitlist. We will notify you by email and phone that a spot has opened up. You will have 48 hours to complete your enrollment and pay a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 for one child or $1,500 for two or more children. See below for more information on the deposit.

As discussed below, we do sometimes have families move away during the current school year. Should this occur, we will reach out to families on the waitlist to see if they are interested in joining this year. If you are offered a spot for this year, but cannot take it—or if you are not offered a spot at all—please know that we will not take your name off the waitlist. We will keep you on the waitlist and contact you again in the order you signed up to join next school year or next summer. Questions? Feel free to contact us.

When does enrollment start for the school year? For summer Garden session?

Enrollment for the school year opens up in January, first to current FPS families, and then two weeks later to those on the waitlist, as described above. Enrollment for Summer Garden Session typically opens up in February for current FPS families, and then two weeks later to those on the waitlist. If there are any remaining spots, we will post the enrollment forms directly to the website.

My child will turn 3 while we are on the waitlist. can s/he still be considered for all applicable programs?

To join the drop-off program, a child must be three by September 1 of the school year, e.g. a child must be three by 9/1/19 of the 2019-2020 school year. (There is flexibility on this; contact us for more details.) Additionally, on the waitlist application, you can select more than a single option to be considered for more than one program.

How can I sign up for summer programs?

When you sign up on the waitlist, you have the option to tell us if you would like to be notified about spots that open up for both the school year and summer. We follow the same enrollment procedures as noted above in, “Can I just enroll my child?”

Why is your deposit non-refundable?

The Forest Playschool is a very small organization with a very tight budget. An unfortunate fact is that parents of young children are often early in their careers, and so sometimes change jobs and move around. If we were able to return all money to families whenever someone moved, we would have a very unstable cash-flow, and would not be able to adequately plan our finances. We recognize this is a big commitment, but have implemented this policy for the stability of all the other families relying on the Forest Playschool.