Summer Session - Enrollment Is Full!

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Please note: Summer session is FULL. Sign up to join our waitlist in the event that any spots open up.

This summer, give your child the joy of learning outdoors! Join the Forest Playschool—a year-round, outdoor preschool—for our Summer Session, where kids will enjoy relaxed program of garden work, art and play. The forest will be bustling with life of every kind during the beautiful Midwestern summer. Help your child experience the amazing vitality of the growing season in our part of the world!

  • Learn to safely navigate the risks the outdoor world

  • Flourish

During Summer Session, children will:

  • Tend to and watch garden plants grow

  • Pick veggies from the garden, chop and cook them

  • Use natural materials for art projects

Outdoor play has been shown time and again by researchers to benefit the health and development of all children. Sticks and dirt and rocks and plants are the original toys, providing endless fuel for their creative fires. Yet these natural joys are too often forgotten in a world of screens and walls. The Forest Playschool returns children to a natural setting, where their deeply rooted instinct to learn through play is given space to flourish.

When does summer session run?

Please note: Summer session for the week beginning August 12 is completely full for both drop-off and parent-child programs.

Summer Session is a weekly program, running every week between Monday, July 8 through Friday, August 23. Programs are selected by the week, similar to a summer camp-style sign-up.

What programs are offered?

We offer two programs during Summer Session:

  • The drop-off program runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m, and is open to children from ages three to eight.

  • The parent-child program runs from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and is open to children from ages infant to three. Please note that parent-child pairs come to school every day of the selected week.

How much is summer garden session tuition?

Tuition for the drop-off program is $230 per week.

Tuition for parent-child program is $205.

Younger siblings of children in the drop-off program will receive a discount of 10% for either the drop-off or the parent-child program. Younger siblings of children in the parent-child program can attend for $25/week.

What does my child need to attend?

  • T-shirt or tank top

  • Loose long-sleeved button shirt

  • Light backpack with water bottle, extra clothes, and lunch

  • Sun hat

Your child will need:

  • Water sandals with thick socks or rain boots, depending on the weather

  • Rain jacket

  • Swimsuit or swim diaper

  • Light cotton long pants or knee length shorts

What about ticks?

Kids should be tick-checked every day after our session, but we do not anticipate difficulties, based on past summers.

Over the past few years, there has not been a significant tick problem at our site. Additionally, the Nature Center has been running an (excellent) summer camp in their forest for many years, and there has never been a tick problem. This is frankly surprising because there are plenty of deer at both sites. Therefore, it is best to think of the many deer/no ticks situation as a bit of a miracle, and refrain from taking it for granted.

What else should I know?

  • Please budget time to thoroughly sunscreen and bug spray your child at drop-off.

  • Toddlers and babies must wear a swim diaper in the water pools.